Electronic Assembly Products will provide customers and suppliers with growth opportunities while receiving superior customer service and technology leading electronic assembly products.



TEAM EAP will provide the highest level of customer service, integrity and professionalism in marketing your products to our customers.  Our promise is to market your product by identifying process challenges and providing solutions for our customers. 


While maintaining a market focused line card, TEAM EAP will represent products that we believe in.  Our promise is to provide solutions to your process challenges while receiving superior customer service, integrity and professionalism.



By finding the right solution to every challenge, EAP maintains the confidence of its customers, enabling it to act as a trusted extension of their internal resources.


The EAP Company Biography introduces you to TEAM EAP and our plan.


John W. Johnson (1/16/02)

In October of 1986, John started in the industry as an inside sales representative assistant for Pioneer Standard Electronics. In 1987 John then moved into a sales rep position for Marshall Industries.

In July of 1992, John joined REStronics Midwest, Inc. Since then he has been closely involved with the sales, engineering and installation of the products that he has sold. He is familiar with all aspects of the assembly processes. He has developed software to assist his customers with capacity analysis and justification for capital equipment purchases. During his tenure, he has won numerous awards and honors. In 1998 John was made partner in REStronics Midwest, Inc.

In January of 2002, John started Electronic Assembly Products LTD with the intentions of providing the same high level of service to both customers and suppliers. With few manufacturers’ representatives that focus on the end user, the goal is to provide technology leading products and superior customer service.


Autumn Johnson (1/2/03)

In 1991 Autumn began her career as an inside salesperson at MCM Electronics.  It was there that she developed her customer service skills.  By developing new accounts and managing national accounts, she earned a number of awards for outstanding sales recognition.  Between 1996 and 1997 Autumn caught the attention of several distributors in the area and was recruited by Future Active and Marshall Industries.  The experience that Autumn gained by developing accounts at FAI was invaluable.  Joining with Marshall Industries was the natural progression of her skill development.

In January of 1998, Autumn joined Chemtronics as the Regional Manager of a 5 state territory.  Working directly for a manufacturer and being responsible for one of the biggest markets in the country was a big task.  She was able to grow sales and produce results for the company, even in down markets.  She has also been recognized for outstanding performance several times during her tenure.  She has been closely involved with all aspects of training distributor salespeople, end user calls, promotions, and product development.

In January of 2003, Autumn joined Electronic Assembly Products LTD with the intentions of providing the same high level of service to both customers and suppliers.


Kevin Moses (3/1/04)

In March of 1987, Kevin began his career at Marshall Industries as a field salesperson.  Over the years, Kevin’s knowledge and experience with production supplies allowed him to advance in various roles.  He served as an Account Manager with Marshall Industries selling production supplies, test equipment and electronic components.  He covered select accounts for 11 years in the Ohio market from 1987 to 1998. Kevin was then promoted to the role of Regional Value Added Specialist assisting customers with their supply chain management requirements.

 In October of 1999, Marshall Industries was acquired by Avnet EM.  Kevin transitioned over to Avnet as an Account Manager covering select accounts in the Ohio marketplace. While at Avnet, Kevin was promoted in July 2001 to the position of Central Regional Sales Manager of the Avnet PSAT (Production Supplies and Test) business unit.  While in that role, he was responsible for increasing and driving sales for the Central US. This role quickly evolved for him, adding the Eastern Region to his already existing scope of responsibility. In February 2002 he was promoted to National Sales Manager of Avnet PSAT.

 In July 2002, Avnet PSAT was acquired by The Stanley Works Specialty Tools Division (Contact East & JENSEN); he became the Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Contact East and was responsible for sales in approximately 33 states until joining EAP.

 Kevin brings over 17 years of local, regional and national distribution experience to EAP.  He has received numerous sales awards and accolades throughout his career in selling both production supplies and electronic components.  We are excited to have Kevin as part of the EAP team!


Mark Hendron (2/1/11)

Mark began his sales career in the US with The EMF Company in Kansas City, in 1997. He was responsible for sales in the MO, KS and NE. Sales Rep of the Year in 1998.

Worked on the TCAS and IRIDIUM programs at Honeywell. 

In early 1999 Mark moved to St. Louis to work with REStronics Inc. as a manufacturers’ representative. Marks responsibilities were to identify secure and grow sales for the manufacturers in his market. One key customer that Mark worked extensively with was Rockwell Collins and he was responsible for considerable growth with both capital and consumable products. During his time at REStronics, Mark won several awards such as 3M Rep of the Year 2001 and Heller “target customer win” award. 

In September 2004 Mark moved to a position as Eastern regional manager at Identco International. During that time he was responsible for global accounts Panasonic, Denso, Lear and was also named sales manager of the year in both 2006 and 2008.

Between 2009 and present Mark has been the principal owner of the The Green Rep. TGR has focused on both the environmental and electronics markets. 

Mark brings a wealth of process knowledge to EAP and we are excited to have Mark as part of the EAP team.


Carl Meissner (6/15/17)

Carl Meissner has been covering North Central Michigan and the Detroit market for 29 years.  Serving the MRO, OEM- Medical, Automotive, Contract Manufacturing, Wiring Harness, Test and Measurement product lines.  He has experience working on a direct basis as well as through distribution. He brings a valued experience in Solder, Soldering and De-Soldering equipment and Hand tools for PC board assembly and rework processes.   


Nick Irwin (6/15/17)

Nick Irwin has been covering Electronic OEM and MRO accts in West Michigan.  Nick brings over 15 years of sales experience with Industrial tools and tooling. Nick has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Grand Valley State and Michigan State University.